Let’s do summer again! Loved It!

It took a while to get to the Olympic Peninsula here in Washington St. But once it arrived it turned out to be one of the best summers in years. Beautiful warm sunny days, and thousands of travelers from all over the world. Though the economy may still be struggling in many areas, you would’ve thought it was all a thing of the past over the last couple of months.
The fishing has been terrific all summer long, and our river guides have been working their tails off to keep our guest happy! Lot’s of fish and lot’s of fun for sure!
The saltwater Salmon fishing got off to a slow start this year, but has ended with a bang! Lot’s of fish. Kings, monster Coho and some really nice Sea Bass have been numerous to say the least.
The local rivers are now getting primed for these fish to arrive as well. As soon as the autumn rains hit the area, the fish will hit our rivers in mass. Lot’s of fish means lot’s of action and we’re just a couple/few weeks away from some of the finest fishing of the year.
Ton’s of hikers and beach goers have come to our area this summer season. The weather’s been perfect for exploring the coast and higher elevations as well.
We’ve also had some of the most beautiful sunsets this summer I have ever seen at Rialto and Lapush just across the Quileute River. Magical is a word often used to describe the Rialto Beach area and I would have to agree.
Lapush is also a place of incredible beauty and still a favorite destination for die hard Twilight Fans. Speaking of Twilight, fans will be happy to know that Stephanie Meyer Day returns on the weekend of September 14-16.
Also, fans should be excited to know that the Hillywoodshow sisters Hannah and Hilly Hindi will be on location over that weekend this year as well. (http://www.thehillywoodshow.com) Recently voted by Ryan Seacrest as Hollywoods next big thing. Be sure and check them out if you haven’t already.
Well I’m not sure I’m ready for the change of the season just yet. So if those of us that are tight with our creator could put in a last minute bid for just one more month of stellar weather maybe we can squeeze just a little bit more out of what’s turned out to be one of the best summers in a long time.
I’ll throw out another report after the weather turns as the fishing picks up again in the rivers so stay tuned fish fans.
As for Twilight and outdoor enthusiasts alike we’ve got a few more weeks to enjoy the great outdoors before it gets really really wet. So c’mon out and do your thing while you still can. Be sure to stop in here at Three Rivers Resort and Guide Service for a World Famous River Burger or to just grab a quick snack and say hello. We’d love to see you!
Until next time, life is short but oh so good, so get after it!
Curt R Ingram
Three Rivers Resort
Or: threeriversresort@gmail.com






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