Here they come!


It’s quality time! There are really nice Native Steelhead showing up in all of the Forks area rivers. As the hatchery season winds down ( it was moderate at best) the local rivers are just recently showing some really nice fish. Not large numbers yet, but a steady increase as we move further into the season. The Solduc should be fantastic again this year with the return of the Snider hatchery fish. These fish were bred from wild stock and are genetically a breed of their own. Really nice Steelhead and a lot of them.
This time of year also, there is almost always a small run of big natives that move up the Bogachiel river, and I got news just a few days ago from the Quileute Tribe that a few of these brutes have already been seen on the Calawah river as well.
So? It would seem that it’s that time of year again to get out and get after it!
Also Keep in mind friends, that even though as we move into February that it may be legal to keep a wild fish, please put back as many of these beautiful fish as possible. Let’s be mindful of the fact that though the numbers in our area have remained rather strong, all around us in so many other areas that hasn’t been the case. So what do you say we do our part in doing what we can in keeping this incredible resource alive and well for years to come. Catch and Release Native Steelhead and pay it forward to future generations.
Good luck to all and may your wildest fishing dreams and adventures come true!
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2nd Beach Lapush WA.


The weather is improving and the Pacific Coast Beaches are a great place to start doing some early season hiking. It’s much too early to be heading for the Mountain trails so why not start right here at sea level. The NW coastline from Neah Bay to Rialto Beach & From Lapush to Oil City at the mouth of the Hoh River are great 2 or three day hikes or longer if you should so chose. Be smart however and be very prepared for harsh weather this time of year. Don’t let a couple of sunny days fool you. The weather on the Olympic Peninsula can change very quickly and it can turn a fun adventure into a nightmare if you are not adequately prepared. Do it right and you should have an incredible experience to remember for a lifetime. If you should find yourselves in the Rialto/Lapush area outside of Forks. Come on in to Three Rivers Resort, take a load off and enjoy one of our World Famous Burgers. We’re a great pit stop on your way up or down the coast. Happy Trails and be safe. Curt Ingram, Three Rivers Resort and Guide Service. PS: Sorry for any type-o’s I wrote this on my iPhone. Enjoy!

World Class Fishing all Year Long!



This Trophy Steelhead was caught just a few days ago, April 2nd, 2011 to be exact. A Doozie for sure! However, the entire Olympic Peninsula is excited for the next few weeks as the Elusive Spring Kings are now hitting the local rivers. Not in mass as of yet but they’re slowly but surely building a head of steam. Look for the Solduc and Hoh Rivers primarily to be we’re the
action is over next 10 or 12 weeks. Good Luck to all of you that are able to get out and get after these mean, nasty but oh so delicious fish. The Springers are truly the King of Kings. Then again, this Steelhead isn’t half bad either. Good Luck!

Hello Fishermen/women, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and World Travelers

It’s a little wet, and just a little rainy. But for wintertime Steelhead Fishing? We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to Three Rivers Resort and Guide Service just outside of Forks Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. My name is Curt Ingram. My wife Donna and I, along with brother and sister in-laws Scott and Ruby Swaggerty have owned Three Rivers Resort for over 20 years and have come to know the area extremely well. From the World Class Fishing almost year round. To the Pacific Ocean Beaches, such as Lapush on the Quileute Indian Reservation or the widely photographed Rialto Beach in the Olympic National Park. Or just the Olympic Hiking trails or area in general. If you should have any questions before you venture out our way, or are just curious about this part of the world, feel free to jump on board with what ever you’d like to know. If I can’t help you, I may know someone who can. This should be a lot of fun. I should have pictures as time goes on, and hopefully you will enjoy the content we have to offer. You can also find us at these locations online: or on Facebook at: or

I look forward to meeting you and connecting with you soon.

Sincerely, Curt Ingram

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